Low Spread or Low Commission Broker?

Hi guys,
If you trade mini lots mostly, which type of broker will you choose ?
Broker who has LOW to 0 commission but high spreads ?
Broker who has high spreads but 0 commission ?

Also if you can recommend any names of brokers please ?
Any suggestions on Liteforex ?

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I read somewhere that if you’re trading mini lots or if you’re a small trader, you shouldn’t be charged commissions because they’re already marking up them spreads. :sunglasses:

You can find many brokers who offer low spread but If their spreads are low, usually their commissions are high.

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Is this a trick question, theyre the same, you’ve just changed the order. Ofcourse 0 commission is better than low.

That’s right, any broker offering low spread will charge high commission and vice-versa. One cannot have best of both the worlds.

They have 2 markets in Europe and the Marshall Islands. I only found the commission on Marshall Islands to be high for my experience, but on the European market I didn’t know. But, here are a few brokers with sure commission is lower than the broker you just said: In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

The minimum trade size for brokers who charge commission and offer raw spreads is 100,000 units (or standard lots).

If a commission is being charged on mini lots, that’s fishy because that trade size is too small to even be offset in the “market” by an external liquidity provider.

Since you want to trade mini lots, trading with spreads is your only choice.

Liquidity in the FX market is so competitive now that you won’t see “high spreads” from legit brokers (except maybe in times of high volatility, but spread widening would be market-wide).

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It might be best to trade with variable spreads in this instance, that might help balance things when you find a broker that allows it with low commission.
I would always recommend the one I use Forexchief, they offer variable spreads from 0pips with very low commission. You can check them out.

How about these below brokers

Depends on how you trade really. I aim for lower spreads for my trading style but don’t have to sacrifice that for really high commissions. Some decent low spread brokers with low commissions too.

How about fxview and fxtm? Their spreads go as low as 0.1 pips and commission is $2/lot rt and $4/lot rt respectively. Pretty decent I would say.

Or you can just choose both but generally low spread broker is better imo.

I would recommend LonghornFX. They have great leverage and tight spreads