LQDFX Broker Trustworthy?

I am in the market for a decent offshore broker. BabyPips lists LQDFX as a “trusted broker” as offshore brokers go. Can anyone verify a trusted experience with LQDFX? I am a scalper by heart and their low spreads appeal to me. I know the two most important things I look for are customer services, and can I withdraw my profits. Can everyone that has used LQDFX give me a rating from 1 - 5 (5 being the best). I appreciate the input!

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I haven’t heard of them to be honest but that’s not to say they aren’t any good. Have you looked them up on any review sites other than here?

5 star and trustworthy for me, don’t know if i would scalp with them

Why would anyone hand money over to a company based in The Marshall Islands? Would you pay in advance to a building contractor to do work on your house if they said they were based somewhere in the Pacific?

last couple of weeks i have been trading with lqdfx , you focused on regulation , i dont care at all about regulation , because with very little balance i trade and do scalp most of the time. i checked their reviews in FPA and others , sounds positive and doing trading till now. still okay everything. not faced any major something, will update about their performance

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LQDFX + VLOAD Withdrawal 2020 - $25,000