LQDFX-your opinions

We have a friend’s community who each a Forex trader and I am the junior from all. For ensuring a better trading life I always try to copy my friends trading activates because of their long-term experience in trading. When choosing a broker I made a decision for them to join a platform. But after joining I realized this platform is not appropriate for me to the concept of trading that I always use. Trading spreads too high, bonus can’t be used for many restrictions and much more problems were there. Just sounds good on regulated nothing without it. After that I interested by LQDFX, website looks ok, the spreads are low and they seem to have a good reputation. What do you guys think? Anyone have experience?

Yes, I ‘m with lqd. So far so good.

I have a STP account with them. The execution is fast and the spreads is very good. Never had an issue with trading , like delayed ordered , freezing chart or any other problems that usually happen with another brokers.

Why would you guys sign up with this broker? Relatively new, operating since 2015, doesn’t have a major regulation. There are so many brokers out there.

I am a scalper and for using this approach in a proper way I have to depend on lowest trading spread for all time. That’s why I have chosen lqdfx because of their 0 pips spreads that always supportive to get better result by scalping. Hope, their good services will continue for scalpers.

I’ve been searching for a lot of info with them. Opened a demo account and trade a bit until I read this reviews on forexpeacearmy site. I am very hesitant to send money to them. I am in the U.S.

Be hesitant & patient (it’s your money after all).

I’d do some more research, reach out to their reps and find out more info & go on the web and also find out more information.

2 minutes in google, and look what i found - https://55brokers.com/lqdfx-review/

The website doesn’t provide the address of the company, there is only a British contact number, which means the company has been offering its services to the UK residents without being authorized to do that. Most probably this forex broker is not under any regulation.

i advice to keep away from such brokers.

Experiecne with LQDFX is not long , from last couple of month I have been using this compnay , no major problem there is I have found, by the way there is anyone who already has long term experience with them ?

Hello Kon, I have been trading with lqdfx from last 3 Years, trading features are great, easy to use and withdrawal is painless, by the way what specific facility you expect from this broker?

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yes very solid broker and they pay withdrawals

Well, I am a day trader and busy with trading most of the time. When trading I expect good execution and stable platform, which until now i have good impression of (mostly on DEMO) and also fast and efficient customer service. What about your 3 years live account experience with this trading platform? I read here and on other websites withdrawals are no problem, so it’s good to know.

Hi Konrad; I am also doing day trading as my major! Till now more than 4000 trades with LQD & the execution is quite fast. Interms of customer service, I rarely used this option. Since, the live platform what I am using is very stable. Hope this helps.