"Lucky pattern" - Simplest intraday price action pattern

Hello everybody, hope you all have a profitable day!

Today i want to introduce you a simplest, yet profitable pattern to trade on intraday chart :D. This pattern is not a everyday event, but can be a powerful addition for your trading arsenal. Dont trust my words, test everything yourself.

Timeframe: 1H and 30MIN

The minimum knowledge to understand the pattern attached in PDF file ( with pattern examples).
You need to know what are:

  • Impulse
  • Strong intraday impulse
  • “sprint” pattern.
  1. find a impulse of 6 bars with the same color[same direction]. NO line bar in-between

  2. The impulse must be a strong intraday impulse with a “sprint” pattern creating a new close price of the current day

  3. 2nd bar and onward has to create a higher/lower shadow than a previous bar.[depend on direction]

  4. 6th bar is our entry bar - enter after it close. 6th bar MUST CLOSE above the previous bar high/low. Entry bar MUST NOT be a doji bar or pin bar.

  5. SL 1pips below/above the 1st bar. TP 1:1

Note: “sprint” pattern - big bar’s body must be bigger than any of it shadows.

Note: Best entries from Frankfurt session opens - Since we trade GBP and EUR, we want to make sure big players(bankers etc.) are there too.


Price action prime.pdf (283 KB)


recent one on GBP[buy] on 30min

Gbp buy m30


Maybe stop loss will hit later, but i did count 6 bars wrong, so readjusted the stop loss

If you would’ve counted the bars correctly, your TP would have been hit, right?

But for your first chart in the last post (where you counted wrong) I have some questions. Beside the counting failure, how could this formation qualify according to your rules?

One bar in the middle doesn’t provide a higher high, so the formation wouldn’t qualify because of rule #3, right?

And if you counted right (starting with the first bullish bar after the single bearish one), then most of the rules are fulfilled, but the sixth bar is a pinbar, so there shouldn’t be a trade.

Am I wrong with those points?