LUX Trading Firm evaluation period update

I have now reached $115.22 profit on my demo account. Still a long way to go, but my trend trade strategy is holding up nicely. And I now also post the same trades, same risk, on my live account.

Onwards and upwards.,


I hope your steady run continues with this, Steve.

I’m looking around at funding “prop” firms but am probably a couple of months away from starting, myself.

Maybe after the New Year.

Lux Trading is on my shortlist and I’d be very interested in any general or specific comments you can offer about your experiences with them!

Hi. My profit has been eroded by bad luck and being spiked out, but that is the norm. I am pro with LUX as they have no time limit to reach their profit target, but not so comfortable as they require two separate demo profit targets being reached, before allowing trading live.

Which means upping the risk and hoping the winning trades are more profitable than the losing trades. However, I am comfortable with their approach which lately has included transferring their own platforms to trade on.

Also, unlike some other prop firms who use demo accounts throughout - not actually telling you - once you have completed the demo demands, all other trades are live.

Best of luck.

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Thanks very much.

I think that perhaps speaks to their honesty and integrity as well as practical considerations.

I’ve been wondering whether, for me, a futures funding “prop” companies might be better: you avoid the ‘A book’ and ‘B book’ problem that way and can easily verify that your funded account is genuinely funded through a genuine, independent broker who isn’t your counterparty.

Good luck with this! :slight_smile: