MA cross

Every time I download some free MA cross indicators and plot them on my MT4 navigator I can not attach them to my charts from there. Whether I right click and select attach to a chart, or drag and drop it never lands on my charts.

Can anyone who is familiar with MA cross alert give me some help please?

Many thanks.

Are you sure you’re putting them in the indicators folder and not the experts folder? That’s exactly what happens when you have one in the wrong folder. No error message or anything, it simply does nothing…

Thanks Phill for answering both of my questions. That is correct…ma cross is in the indicator folder but I can’t plot it on my charts from the navigator …it just doesn’t respond.


I finally did all new reinstall and now have another question if you don’t mind.

There was some problem with my platform.

It appears that this cross is programmed to perform automated trading which I don’t want?

Can I set it up to only alert me for a cross and if yes… what I need to do ?

Thanks again

Technically you can, but you’d need to know computer programming to do it. If you’re not a programmer then I’m afraid you’re out of luck as far as doing it yourself goes…

If you’d like to post it here I, or someone else, might be able to fix it for you. I’m not a professional programmer, just had a couple classes in college, but I can modify most indicators that aren’t too complicated. :smiley:


All I need is an alert on my platform when EMA 5 cross EMA 12 either above and below and no automated trading.

I hope you can help.

Thanks again.

Go here. They have hundreds, if not thousands, of free MT4 indicators. I looked and there are quite a few MA crossovers indicators.

If the mods erase the link let me know and I’ll PM it to you. It’s non-commercial except for one ad, and it’s a great resource, so maybe they’ll let it stay…

Thanks Phill,

I don’t think that any of those free downloads actually work and I tried several of them.

Sometimes the new indicator has to be compiled in MetaEditor before you can use it in the program