MA or pure price action

Hello traders. Which MA’s do you use? Or maybe use just price action is quicker to see the trends and their reversals?

Moving average lengths are mostly a matter of preference.

But I’d recommend paying attention to the 50 and 200 SMA. Due to their popularity, many market participants monitor them and there tends to be a lot of activity when price trades around them.

MAs provide an easy way to determine the current trend for new traders unfamiliar with or still learning how to read market structure.

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It’s better to mix pa and indicator since indicator helps you to stay objective. For example Trading only above or below 50Ma

If that works for you, then stick with it. :+1:

Nothing wrong with using PA with technical indicators (assuming one knows how the indicator(s) actually works).

i find moving averages helpful for identifying trends at a glance, for bias determination

i’d steer well clear of them as trade-entry parameters, though

MA is used to smooth price action. You lose information but you get the trend. Tough trade-off. Maybe there is an idea to buy high when price deviates too much from current price or sell low in case of similar deviation but you have to keep in mind what’s the general trade. Basically you bet on overreaction in this case, this is how I trade stocks an forex.

Price action is quicker because generally indicators lag, but being faster doesn’t being profitable. It could just mean being wrong faster.
Indicators lag, but that may offer your more certainty in what you’re looking for.

It all comes down to preference and your strategy. You’ll have to come to that decision on your own.

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