MACD s/r scalping system

Disclosure: This is a promising new method I have just developed and I am still improving.

Currently I am trading on the AUDUSD m30 LINE chart.

Indicator: MACD 24, 52, 18

Identify the most recent MACD zero cross. If a cross above zero then draw a horizontal support line at the previous low of price action corresponding to the valley of the MACD. The zero cross validates previous price action. If a cross below zero then draw a horizontal reisistance line corresponding to the high of price action. Again the zero cross validates previous price action. Do this so that you have both a high (resistance line) and a low (support line). There must be a zero cross after the MACD high or low to validate the high or the low.

Insert a 100 ema to determine trend direction. Although this method does not mandate trading with the “trend” you can use the 100 ema if you want to trade only with the trend.

Another example in B/W. Hope this is more clear.

Another cherry picked example.

Interesting idea for trading breakouts. Looking forward to see more examples, preferably of recent trades, and getting more information for placing stop loss and take profit (presumably using recent highs/lows for sl and fibs for tp). I love ‘set and forget’ type of trading methods, because when watching my trades, I find it not so easy to resist emotional impulses, based on fear and greed - not everybody has the luxury to ‘only trade money that won’t be missed in case it gets lost’ :wink:

Thanks for sharing!