MACD setting problem. Anyone can help?

Hi traders,

I have a problem with the MACD indicator. I try to use it in my trading but I can’t get the double line like the chart shows in pip school. My MACD only shows fast MA line & histogram. There’s no slow MA line. Please advise. Tq very much in advance.

MA consists of only one line. Guess there is also EMA or some other indicator enabled on the pip school sample chart you saw.

MACD has only one line by default. It’s primary use is to determine an ascending or descending trend. When you see an ascending trend, you would want to purchase and an opposite trend will make you feel otherwise. Meanwhile it is more beneficial if you know how to determine an entry point.

For this you need to insert the the Awesome Oscillator. You can learn how to do that here: [B]How to insert & read the Awesome Oscillator. [/B]

The Awesome Oscillator along with MACD line will help you predict price movement with some level of accuracy. By default, the Oscillator produces a Green and Red column below the chart. The Green Column means a Buy Signal and the Red column means a Sell Signal. With common sense, I am sure you can learn how to use this indicator effectively. I usually use the 1 Day time frame since I always look forward to grabbing more pips.

The OP’s question was asked last year, but now that the thread’s been bumped: for the sake of avoiding confusion, the two statements above are both incorrect.

The Moving Average Convergence-Divergence indicator has [U]two[/U] lines: the first (sometimes called “fast line”) represents the difference between two specified moving averages of different periodicities; the second (sometimes called the “slow line”) is a moving average of the first line.

There’s also an additional option called an “MACD Histogram”, which displays the difference between the MACD’s [U]first[/U] line and its [U]second[/U] line in the form of a histogram, either with or without the two lines themselves also being displayed on the same chart. The histogram is [U]not[/U] displaying “the difference between two moving averages” (as is quite widely but mistakenly believed).

This has nothing to do with the OP’s question (to which the answer is that it depends on what kind of charting software/display he was using). The “Awesome Oscillator”, a different indicator altogether, is equivalent (at appropriate settings) to just the [I]first[/I] line of an MACD, without also displaying a moving average of the first line. All it can do is compare the running differences between two moving averages.