Machine Learning for Trading

With machine learning being on a rise, I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried any machine learning strategy to trade?


I tried an auto Optimization based on machine learning and it worked pretty well, especially when considering how much time I saved. This one. I will get back to Optimizing after I trial the system for another month, I’ve been trading it for about 3 weeks until now.

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Hey, I am also interested in this. Have you been able to find anything that works even if it is not 100% accurate

Hi there,

I’m working on this.

I’ve used Facebook’s ‘Prophet’ tool which is time series machine learning. - Results seem mixed.

I have built ARIMA, LSTM and random forest models too, which I’m currently training and testing.
I’ll gladly share an overview of the results.

It’s all written in Python and using a library called ‘TA’ for indicators along with a few others that I’ve coded up.

If anyone else is working on this and would like to compare notes reach out!