"Mack those pips" system

Hey there everyone. Tell you what I’m pretty excited. So much so that my hands are sweating with anticipation as I’m sitting here typing on my keyboard!

I believe I’ve found what you’ve been looking for. In fact, I found it a year and a half ago and have been using it ever since. It’s hands down, pants off THEE holy grail you’ve been searching for! I possess this Holy grail in my bosom and I’m ready to share everything I know with you for free! I’m not selling anything, nor do I want anything from you in return. Well, thats not entirely true. I do want your undivided attention while I knock your socks off!

Let me explain. One day while fiddling around with my trusty indicators I found a key to a combination I was looking to crack. Much like a lock with a combination witholding secrets to the special person who would have the power to open the box, yeilding the special fruit nestled inside. It, my friend is an indicator you’ve had all this time and perhaps in your ignorance have overlooked. But, without the right combination it simply will not work.

Before I take the time to lay it out for you, my friendly critters, let me give you a general outline of how this indestructible masterpiece works. The macd crosses the ma line and then Depending on where it’s going you either buy or you sell. If it go’s up you don’t sell, you buy!. When it’s going down, dont’ press that buy button silly, press the sell button! I’m really happy here you don’t even know my smiles. You guys are going to make so many pips with this system your wife will think your more in love with your indicators then her sweet perfume!

Guy I met on the street writes
"You know at first I thought you were a cracker when you told me about your system. But, one week after using it I realized how wrong I was and how right you are".

Yes, I am right and you will be too. Right on the money that is. But, It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. Truth is, it doesn’t even matter how much experience you have in the forex market. As long as you know how to place my template in the right folder, your good to go! Now, if you don’t have a general idea about candles, pivot points or even what in sam heck “pips” mean, then by all means check out Baby pips school before reading further. You’ll be glad you did. Tommorrow I’m looking to unvail my special template once I have more time to spend. My wife is complaining about the fridge being broken and guess who has to fix it?

I love the system name, but it seems kind of suspicious that you have one post and out of the entire Internet, you decided to come to Babypips and share your infinite wisdom with us out of the goodness of your heart, which will make us all rich FOR FREE. You’re really selling the whole idea like a salesman, so I apologize for being a bit skeptical… I look forward to hearing more… as long as I don’t have to sign up for something or pay :slight_smile:

Hopefully in a few days you will be able to buy your wife a new fridge!
I look forward to the unvailing of your template tomorrow.

This anecdote sounds very authentic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone strolling through the 'hood, rumor and reputation of my forex skills preceding me, and had the very “At first I thought you were a cracker, but then…” conversation with absolute strangers. :wink:

Anyway, we anxiously await the unveiling of this system to end all other systems. Men are rioting, women are swooning, children are at home fast asleep in their beds with freshly brushed teeth, J_Macky superhero plush doll tucked beneath their arms.

10:1 this guys speews off a system that has already been see tryed and tested, 20:1 this ain’t 100% free.

didn’t he just say what the system was…

He said it was MACD, that’s it. Now unless he has it teamed up with another or multiple indicators I think he’s pushing something else. I never really liked MACD cause I found it to be not as good as others.

But we’ll wait and see. Chances are he won’t return.

Read the below:

The “combination” (I’m guessing parameters for MACD) is the key. Apparently. Guess his wife kicked him out when he couldn’t fix the fridge and he no longer has internet access.

I was hoping he’d come back to elaborate so we could test the “combination” and then discuss how wrong he was. :smiley:

I’d rather buy a new and strong fridge if I had a holy grail.

And I wanna buy a new fridge! :smiley:

Any updates on this system?

maybe you guys scared him off… i would’ve loved to see it.

We’re an intimidating crowd, after all! :smiley:

Please PM me the payment details for this great plan… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahahahahaaaaa, Actually we are not friendly critters. And I don’t think I want something that came out of your bosom, gross!

Happy pipping!!

Well I think his initial post sums it up:

"In fact, I found it a year and a half ago and have been using it ever since. "

If this system actually worked, why can’t he afford to call the Maytag man after a year and a half of “Mackin those pips”?