Magic 100 EMA or Camelback Technicue for beginner

I’ve been demo trading the last week using the Magic 100Ema strategy. I’ve had way more losses than wins. I know switching strategies isn’t a good thing in the beginning, but I’m wondering if the camelback technique might be better for beginners. It seems that entries are better defined. The 100EMA, in my very limited understanding, seems to rely on that you have some understanding on what way the trend is going. From my testing and demo trades, I see that I enter on a retracement, but the trend continues on the path of the retracement. The order has often been started at that point, and I can’t modify the stop order. It might be due to the market just being the market and that I just need to stick with it for some months. What are your opinions?

I don’t know. They’re similar, anyway?

I suppose that “Magic 100” method is helped by having some understanding of price action to start with. Maybe the Camelback one is easier to start on.

See what others think, but you may be making a very good point and suggestion, here!

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@MagSSS This strategy has been tested over on ForexFactory since 2020… 132 pages of posts about trading the EMA100 on the 1 hour time frame… (Link Below)

Over 2500 posts… You may find some additional concepts and ideas you can apply to your version of the strategy…

Hope this is of help…