Magical SL Cleaner?

I was just playing World of Tanks when I saw that price on ZAR/JPY just dropped down like magic in under a few minutes. I checked other JPY pairs and also looked at Nikkei 225 and no news, no magical movement happening… Maybe because ZAR/JPY is an exotic pair but I regularly see this happening even with the majors. Seems like someone up there wants to do some SL busting???

Now price is going up again and will just wait it out :slight_smile:

So what do you think? Do you believe that there is a “higher almighty power” who loves busting SL?
Or maybe I’m totally wrong and have to exit :slight_smile:

Here is my chart. Minus 12+ pips in a snap.

Could be a liquidity issue… I am.experimenting with UsdTry and this issue comes up, though usually it is around the end of US trading or before the start of the London session…

How many pips did you say…twelve? It does not seem like a lot, but of course it is all relative to what your stop loss size is…

Hm I couldn’t find such “magical movement” on the chart from yesterday so that is either what PipMeHappy mentioned – technical issue from your broker / broker’s liquidity or the “almighty power” is your broker who is playing with the market hunting stops :smiley:
If it’s option one, let’s say mistakes happen and as long as all affected clients are compensated accordingly it’s fine. If it’s option two, than you should maybe thing of exiting your broker :wink:

If there are no news or some political events which could impact the market, then the “almighty power” is either the liquidity provider or your broker (if it’s a market maker). At least I could not find any other explanation. Did you contact your broker? What answer did they give you?