Mainstreet to Millionaire

[B]Mainstreet to Millionaire V3.0[/B]

[B]Mainstreet to Millionaire V3 Results[/B]
Starting Balance:$10,000
Total Net Profit:$202,400
Total Trades: 66,310
Back Test Length: 5 years
Relative Drawdown: 13%

This is the second EA thread I have started here on babypips. My first EA was a great start introducing me into the world of EAs. The previous EAs I have dabbled with had good results but were super selective, many times only taking 1 trade every 2-3 weeks. Because of the low number of trades(200-300 over 5 years backtest), I was skeptical of it’s practicality. I feel any EA that has hopes of being successfull needs to 1. be successful over multi year tests to show it is able to handle multiple market conditions 2. have a minimum of a few hundered trades a year. I feel anything less and all you have is an EA that is fit to a few rare trade setups from the data history.

After making the second EA using some code of my first EA, I came up with a program that was trading at higher frequency. This helped me increase in my confidence in the predictability factor of the EA as I needed to filter less of the trades to achieve equal success. In this case it was trading once every 3-4 days. Ultimately I wasn’t extremely happy with the drawdown I was experiencing, overall profit and frequency of trading.

So I ended up taking V2, kept some of the original code but completely revamped the method I was using to identify trades and ended up with V3. I also took my mathematical experience and used it to try and give me an edge in regarding to stoploss/take profit/risk reward. I was able to achieve results far different from my first 2 EA versions. First, this EA [B]doesn’t[/B] scalp(take profit is usually around 50 pips), but it does find successful trades via brute force, so in my 5 year back test it took around 67,000 trades. I used a standard spread of 2 pips that is common in most brokers. Using a simple 1 lot risk rule I am able to make $200,000 profit from my original $10,000 in those 5 years. If I use a risk method that scales such as increasing lots as account balance increases, even if I use a very modest % risk, it will make multiple millions in the 5 year back test. I feel the long sample period, the huge # of trades taken, the realistic market settings, and smooth profit curve means that this could be a successful indicator.

Why am I writing this??? I would like opinions from experienced EA programmers and EA testers of what could I do to help further validate the quality of my EA? What could I do to improve the success of my EA?

I would consider giving out the executable of this EA for further testing, if I think the person will add value to improving this EA.

Thank you for the help and suggestions in advance.

[B]Fixed risk - 1 lot[/B]

[B]EA results[/B]

omg very nice i wish to have EA like this :frowning:

Hey eragon, my EA related updates moved to a new forum. My EURUSD ended up profiting 400 million and my GPBUSD profited 1 billion.