Major news and events

How do you trade when major news events and announcements come up almost every single day and could affect your watch list pairs??? Whenever im in a "good trade"in respect to my rules and my strategy some major news comes up and then prices reverse straight to my SL… Im thinkin if its best to only trade the NY and London overlap after the major event and to only focus on pairs that have announcements coming up since im a day trader and im practically lookin for volatility in a day im not saying i want to be able to trade the news i just want to be able to enter trades at the right time when news might be in my favour or instead when no news will affect my trades … Please any advice would be appreciated

Have you tried checking the economic calendar here before putting on any trades? That’s what I also typically forget too and I’ve had many a trade go bad because of interest rate decisions that I didn’t account for.

Here’s the link to the calendar here:

If your broker is good, they will provide you the economic calendar using or looking at which you can plan your trades.

Keep an eye on the economic calendar as it will help you a lot. Your trader will provide you one and you can plan accordingly. You can ask for one if your trader has not provided it already. Happy trading.

You can keep a track of the economic calendar which is available on various good websites and many brokers are also offering it. By looking at the economic calendar you can then track the events salted for the day.

Everything impacts the price and it is this volatility only which gives us profits. So it’s all good.

I agree with @Glennmaxi You can view the economic calendar on various portals like Fxstreet, DailyFX, etc. You can plan your trades according to that.

Ahead of any major event, there is a great probability of Market Volitality. It is always advicable to keep a regular check at the Economic Calender and it always gives an idea about the changes that can take place. So, volatality should also be used to your own benefit.

Yes, that’s true. I keep myself updated with the latest trends and news to ensure that I make beneficial decisions only.

That’s correct, most of the brokers provide economic calender on their website. You can refer to that and plan your trades accordingly.

If you dont want the news to affect your trades, then always use the news calendar to check where there would be a news with great impact,