Major News Reports

Hi everyone.

I’ll tell you from the beginning that I’m very new to Forex and know only the basics so please if I ask “stupid” questions please don’t get mad at me.:slight_smile:

My major problem is that I have very little clue about fundamental analysis and very little time to learn it (because I spend most of my time learning technical analysis).

So my question is this: Can someone please post in this thread all major dates and time (preferably) when major news come out from different countries and when it’s better for newbies (like me:cool: ) to sit quietly and just wait ?

I’ll really appreciate any help.

Thanks to all in advance.:slight_smile:

Hi, hobbit.

Thank you very much for your link. I’m sure that I won’t be the only one who this link is gonna help.

Thanks again. Regards, Vic.

To ntrader:

There are no ‘stupid’ questions - I think that is why this forum is here - so that people like you and I that really want to master this amazing thing called Forex Trading can learn from the kind experts who are willing to take the time and trouble to answer our questions (and if you look at some of the ridiculous statements I have made on these forums over the past couple of weeks you won’t feel to bad I’m sure).

Anyway - like hobbit says - I have learned a whole lot just from that calendar at Forexfactory. It won’t tell you what to do but it does point out in a very neat and clean and understandable fashion what the impact of the release of certain statistics will have on a particular currency.

At the moment I am banging on about China and their policies and this is NOT included anywhere on that calendar - have a look at one of my other threads - I don’t think that at this point the Chinese data (I’m going to call it the ‘China Factor’ from now on) can been ignored.



Thanks for the support Dale. You know it’s just feels a little awkward for a new guy always ask for help, but I really happy now that I found this forum and that there so many people that can and willing to help if you need it.

Thank You all guys I really appreciate your help.

Have a nice trading week.
Regards, Vic.