Major Pairs Daytrading Chat

To whom it may concern…

I am looking for experienced Fx daytraders interested in following the major pairs on a daily basis for intraday or swing (within the active week) trading on short term (15min charts or less).

Goal is to have a group of max 10 persons bringing their ideas together continually in a chat session (where & how tbd, ideas welcome) spanning daily UK and US sessions and hence developing reliable signals to post here on a new forum thread.

I personally use basics such as MAs, Fibs, TLs and MACD.
Work in MT4 for charting with a custom on-chart news indicator in the mix (thanx maradona).

It would be nice to have some specific indicator-experts on board to help confirm each others signals to produce “less frequent but more acurate” signals to share with everyone for free, now and for all.

I look at it this way: you can build a system and try to sell it, but you’ll never make as much money as you would IF the system actually worked and you invested your time solely in exploiting it.
SO: no use asking money for a system because there simply isn’t a perfect one.
GOAL: put some grey matters together and produce endless strong free signals for everyone who wants to use them. Amateur or expert.

Interested: post a reply with your specific indicators used (no strategies) and results of the past months (B&W please) and I’ll be in touch.