Make money every week with me!

I don’t know where my previous thread gone…

My name is Martin and I’m professional forex trader since 2012. I’m here to help beginners who struggle with forex market.
I would like to assure trade ideas every week so you could make a profit.
I use harmonic patterns, elliott waves, supply and demand.
My strategy is friendly for people with full-time job because I’m entering the market on Sunday night and Mondays. Rest of week is free, you can do whatever you want :wink: I’m trading with this strategy for 2 years with 21% DD.

I will post here my trade ideas every Sunday and/or Monday.

I would like to create a group of investors who will make constant profit. Stay tuned!

Best regards

My (fairly confident) guess is that it was removed by a moderator because it looked spammy, self-promotional, or as if you were here to promote/sell something.

You can perhaps see that this one looks a little that way, too? It really reads pretty much like sales-page wording, perhaps especially given the combination of your username, and your invitation to people to check your Twitter-feed?

I have not received message from administrator yet. But you could be right… I didn’t want to look scammy, spammy and so on… i just want to help people and i dont want any money for it.

Good to have clarified that, anyway.

(You can perhaps see that your “Make money every week with me!” title for the thread really does sound just like a sales page? Nothing personal, but we don’t know who you are, what your record is, and why you’d want - as a new member - to do this here. On the other hand, long experience has taught us that when brand new, unknown members’ thread-titles and wording are “bigging themselves up” like that, they [I]almost always[/I] turn out to have something to sell or promote. Naturally enough that invites suspicion rather than credibility. Good to know that you’re the exception. :wink: )

Thank you Lexys. :slight_smile: I had no intention to bigging myself up, I didn’t even notice that it sounds like sales page… I understand all and it’s my bad, but as a compensation I will try to create valuable posts for babypips community :slight_smile:

I would like to add that if anyone would have any questions or have some problems or have some suggestions - feel free to post here, in this thread.

0.34 lot AUD/USD Buy limit 0.725 SL: 0.715 TP: 0.73

Lot size is calculated for 2000$

AUD/USD buy now! TP: 0.73118 SL: 0.71618

Why, pour quoi?

Perhaps an estimation of where the 100 sma daily will be for the TP, perhaps just short of a fib, no explanation.

Then the SL, perhaps just short of the round number, maybe just north of a large up bar’s base, who knows.

What’s the point of such a post?

The point of my posts is FAST INFO! Explanation will be always later because I dont want to be late with my orders :slight_smile:
About SL: This is only protective, in most of cases i move it to BE or higher, everything I’ll describe in further posts.

There is explanation:

Pre-session started gap to the midpoint with strong movement upward. Firstly I thought that there will not be any strong movement so I’ve made BUY LIMIT order. Then Strong Movement started (central banks or investors with huge capital started to trade) so I had to join this movement.

I’m glad that there is someone thirst for knowledge :slight_smile: i will gladly respond to any further questions
Stay tuned because I don’t know yet if I will close my position before hit TP.

Best regards

EDIT: I forgot to explain TP… TP is calculated from lows of 12.05.2016. This is because that was a demand zone which transformed to supply zone (on 13.05.2016 you can see strong downward movement)

EDIT2: I’ve made a mistake on the picture, this is not supply zone but this is short-term demand zone (This is because I’ve got bad associations with names in my native language)

partially close 0.14 lot @ 0.7306 +45,9pips

closed 0.2 lots @ 0.72904 +30.3 pips

EDIT: Thats all for this week, see you on next Sunday!

So nice of you sharing with everyone on this thread , thank you Kuleszainvestment.

0.36 lot buy GBPUSD @ 1.45063
SL: 1.44087
TP: 1.45587
(Money management for 2000$)

A risk:reward ratio of 2:1?

Move SL to 1.44587

Nice job on the trade Kuleszainvestment.

No updates? I would hope to see an update at least twice a week.

yes every week some money is a great plan we all must work to come true

i work a full time job, and would love to trade some pips on the side.