Making money, CL intraday

let the momentum be your friend.
never fight the algos.
very tight SL’s.

me +$2700

JimB2468 +$4000 ///JimB2468 trading room///

another very nice day.
me $2900
jimb2468 $6 000+

great start of the session that was replaced by slower market.
still stamped nice profits

me $2600
Jimb2468 $2600

nice start,then punched in the face by chop,then recovered

me +1300 ,week +9500

jimb2468 + 2 800 , week +20 500

me $1600

jimb2468 $2200

me 1900

JimB2468 3 300

very slow day,at least it felt like.

me minus -100 //after commission//

Jimb2468 +710

me +1.1 k
JimB2468 +800

If market doesn’t move and you try to catch runners - it is hard. // you don’t know when exactly it is gonna move. But you cant catch runners if you dont try,when you try you loose in the choppiness//.

When you are skittish like me, i am a bit better off in jittery market, but if the market makes moves I miss on lots of money and also i have to wait much longer for another entry.

it was a great day

//last trade was mismanaged, due to delivery i had,luckily no postman died as the trade ended in +.

me + 2500 //after commission//

JimB2468 +4000

distasteful Wednesday.
I stop trading usually with EU close.
Jim traded to the pit close hour.
I would be better off if i continued, but my attention spin isn’t a long runner.

Me minus 1k
JimB2468 +500

the last drop was very probable.

The question is always, how the price is gonna do it.

didnt wanna give any away just in the last trade so had very tight SL.

Me +1300

Jimb2468 +1300

nice Friday to finish off the week in the room

me over +$3000 after commission
JimB2468 + $3700