Making money on Forex

Hi I’ve designed a profitable method of trading the Forex, I hate to use the word system as I’m not sure if it is a system per se. It’s consists of candlesticks, TA and MACD, and is best used on timeframes of 30 minutes and above.

The results below are from one pair over 3 different timeframes, 30min, 60 min & 4 hour, also over the same time period, 96 hours, within the last 2 weeks.

Actual Trades:
30 min t/frame
1 123 pips
2 142 pips
3 0 pips
4 0 pips
5 0 pips
6 37 pips
7 30 pips
8 0 pips
9 284 pips

1hr t/frame
1 109 pips
2 377 pips*
3 0 pips*
4 276 pips*
5 0 pips*

4hr t/frame
1 128 pips
2 0 pips
3 0 pips

*The 60 minute consisted of two trends, the 109 and the 377. The zeros are cut backs that failed and the 276 is a continuation of the trend from that cut back. The zeros are all fails, but not necessarily losses. The maximum stop loss required, on this one pair, over this 96 hour period were 14 pips on the 30 minutes chart and 16 pips on the 1 hr chart.

This method works equally well on all forex pairs, throwing up similar results albeit from cursory checks of each non major pair.

My reason for posting this message is I would like to get several people together to form a group to make the most of this method. It would not only help spread the costs, but also allow different people within the group to work on different pairs but on the same timeframes.

Now I know you will all have questions regarding this method and why I want to start a group, well hopefully I can answer a few of the more obvious ones.

  1. If the results are so good why do you need other people:-
    The truth is I’m not a wealthy person and in order to get the most from this method we would need enough funds to cover several positions on just one pair. If we take the stop losses I mentioned above as a given, just for the sake of argument, that�s a lot of equity required to cover each position. So, if any abnormal stop losses occur that will almost certainly get me a margin call, losing all trades.

  2. isn�t this just another scam:-
    As I’m not asking you to send me any money, and there’s no joining/membership/ enrolment fee, then getting money from you isn’t the object. Nor is there any need to send me any details about yourself or anything concerning your internet connection. As I’m also willing to future proof this method anytime on any FX pair to any genuinely interested parties.

I don’t think I understand your post. You say that this post isn’t intended to get you money, but yet you want to start a group so that you can cover the costs of holding multiple positions.

With such a small draw-down, you should be able to turn a small amount of money into a lot in no time.

Also, without details on the workings of your systems I doubt you’ll get many people to join. Post how your system works and some screens as examples. This will give people a chance to try it out and determine if they want to enter a group with you.

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