Man vs Students

So not totally to do with FX as such but if moderators will allow then I thought it might be fun to post about a trading diary or project as such that I’m sure you’ll find interesting!

During the week I teach Electrical Engineering for two days a week at a local college but for one hour of one of the classes I teach a sort of life skills section, that to be honest is usually set out on the curriculum.

However once in awhile I’m given a free lesson where I can discuss what I want…

Electrical Engineering is great in all but what I want to discuss is trading!

So I did! Now the students have always wondered why on earth someone who’s in their twenties would only want to be at work for two days a week, how I’d managed to travel all around Asia and Europe for two years, bought a couple of properties and married a hot blonde Scandinavian, and to be honest I’ve always been a bit coy about explaining.

But I thought screw it, its their fault for hunting me down on Instagram that they found out all of this…

So I told them, that it was through trading and investment.

Now I have never had a lesson where my students where so attentive to every word that came out of my mouth, now I don’t know if this was because it was to do with earning some green queens that they where so engaged or because I was enjoying giving the lesson so much! I can honestly see why people who love trading become mentors as its great fun!

So after explaining some brief strategies to the students I set them an interesting challenge. Now I’ve heard paper trading stocks is done in high schools in the US but I’ve never heard of it in the UK so here where the rules I set them…

You start with £10,000
You must choose 10 Stocks or Shares
You can allocate no more than 20% to one single Stock
You can go long or short
The winner is the one with the most money by the end of summer term.
The day we started was the 5th of march closing prices

Now they where excited and competitive and put together some fantastic ideas, most going with a Paul Tudor Jones style of buy what you know but others had some very interesting choices.

So anyway I thought I’d keep a diary of it on the forum as a bit of a live experiment comparing the students choosing stocks with little knowledge, against me who has a fair amount of knowledge and I have one other Lecturer in who has broken even over the years.

Now my guess is I’m going to get totally black swanned and destroyed… Especially as I mainly deal in FX at a medium term rather than stocks over months but it should be fun!

I’ll keep you updated!

  • Tradeshock to win
  • Students to win
  • Other Lecturer to win

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Heres a quick screenshot of the various Stocks and Shares that where chosen.!

Still need to add a few percentages and get some more accurate names, Green are the ones that are long and Red for those that are short.


Safe to say most of my students have been slaughtered…

I did tell them to think about going short a bit more :neutral_face:

Your link is not working for me.

Perhaps this was not the best time for this experiment. The capital markets have taken a beating due to the Conona virus scare, or for whatever reason that you can attribute the down markets to.

New traders are not comfortable with shorting. They find it a difficult concept to grasp, IMO.

Did you help them with their trading strategies or did you just let them loose on the market?