Managed Forex Trading Reviews


I am starting this thread because I have read tons regarding EAs or Bots. But this website does not discuss Managed Forex Systems. An Example is Will you guys begin providing input about your experiences with Managed Forex Accounts. Peace Army has quite a bit to read through. I value your independent discussions. The returns look pretty good and in the case of AcmeHedge the history is much longer than the EA/Bots I have been researching. Help me out here.

At first glance, I do like the fact they put a verified myfxbook statement on the site. Don’t ever rely on statements with no verification. They charge 50% profit fee? Seems steep

Acmehedge = SCAM!!! See article on pipinvestment, see duscussion on my myfxbook, see latest reply in discussion on FPA. Oh not to forget the FPA itself is very questionable!! Be warned…stay away!