Manila Hostage Taking Crisis Yesterday

Hi guuuys! So much has been happening in my country, and I don’t think any of them is positive??? :sweat:

I was really shocked to have heard about the hostage taking crisis here. I actually read about it after all the chaos :sweat: and you know what’s crazy? I’m feeling sympathy for the hostage taker. He used to work for the mall and he did what he did to expose the cruel working environment of the establishment. :frowning: :frowning:

Sometimes, these things really make me think that maybe, the ends, do justify the means. :frowning:

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Pretty terrifying. It’s unfortunate he had to resort to violence. He put himself and the hostages at risk. Who knows how successful a swat team action would have been. Glad all are mostly well.

I know. :frowning: These kinds of things don’t usually happen around here so I was very terrified. But after finding out his motive, I just felt super bad for him. :frowning: I wish this sends a strong message for other establishments to not abuse their workers. :frowning: