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Hello guys, I’m happy to be here. I actually finished the courses from the school of pipsology about 3 months ago and ever since I’ve been trading on a demo account. My experience with demo trading has been filled with a lot of ups and downs but I have to say that I’m really impressed with my growth so far and I think I’m ready to take that next step into a live account. I chose to trade forex because I’ve heard several great testimonies and success stories from family and some friends of mine, now that I’m “kinda” a member of the club I really can’t wait to share my own success stories. I’m looking forward to meeting people like me (starters/newbies) and of course the experienced lot, I hope to gain a lot from you guys on this forum. That being said Its an honor to be here, cheers!

start with a mico account
to find out about your greed
thing you wont find in any video or tutorial
watch this before anything to get acquainted with players and the field YouTube
and welcome

You have done really well, having the patience to trade on demo.

But in your own words, you have had ups and downs. If you have them on a demo what do you think a live account will be like?

You have to ask yourself, do you want to learn properly and develop all the skills, then come to the markets ready? Or do you want to start in a hurry, and spend a good deal of time messing up?

If you start messing up with real money, it will forever affect your psychology and your account may never recover.

Can you imagine a pilot of a plane, suddenly flying a real commercial jet, after a ‘few ups and downs’?

No, those guys have great training programmes.

In trading you have to develop your own, so start real slow.

There is nothing wrong with trading micro contracts although I would still suggest getting completely comfortable on demo first.

Just my thoughts, I wish I had taken my own advice!!!

Thank you for the advice. But I don’t think forex has a rule of 100% success people still lose out on trades every once in a while, the downs I mentioned earlier doesn’t necessarily mean I blew my account, I was still able to make up for those loses in double folds. I’m still learning though, I still have my demo account and a trading system I’m really comfortable with. I really appreciate the feedback nevertheless :pray:t3:

absolutely - losses are part of the game. However, some weird goes off in our head the moment we start losing real money - loss aversion - and we often go well out of our way to avoid it.

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Where do you get all this information anyway for whatever reason ? I do recommend to jump off this accounts of demo and start with smalls sums but on live money you know cause how else we really can do that ? Are you with me here there anyway ? Care to share ?