Manual Backtesting MT4

Hello all. I’ve been getting my feet wet on Oanda’s FXtrade platform but I’ve recently started familiarizing myself with MT4. I’m still very new at this: I’ve gone through the Babypips school (twice) and flailed around with a few trades just getting the mechanics down.Just this week I started a trading journal and want to start backtesting a system that uses the 15-minute chart. But both demo platforms only go back maybe 3 or 4 weeks on that timeframe. I suppose with the number of pairs out there it still gives me a lot of material, but if I gust want to stay with a couple pairs, not so much.

Am I doing something wrong or is the limited history available simply a function of the demo account? Can you go back further with a live account, and how much? I can’t say I’m willing yet to deposit real money just to access greater funcionality. If the money’s in there and I trade with it, at this stage I’ll lose. Thanks for your help.

Hi, one month is not enough data to check strategies, in this post I wrote why. Regards Greg

Yeah, I kinda figured that. Hence, my question.