Manual system to trade

The assessment now is that USD will fall and NZD will rise; waiting for market confirmation.

JPY is falling now, so NJ-rise first.

Today’s European and American markets may be dominated by GBPUSD rising

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The probability of NU falling seems higher now.

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Good luck. DXY looks primed for a rally.

Thank you , USDCHF is adjusting…

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0.9000 is strong support, good to springboard upwards.

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GBP initiates a new wave higher, you can buy GBPNZD.

JPY rises tonight at small Tframe

USD will fall

A good opening position is to buy GBPUSD

USD will have an upward wave that is an adjustment to the downward movement.

Buying USDJPY is a good option. target @ 149.9 now @147.62

Be careful to set protection (chase losses if you have profits)

JPY has a adjustment to upward… UJ can be closed, @149.6
USD still has space to upward.

usdjpy still has room to rise, but it will be a bit more convoluted.

my manuel system

Limited by my system, I can only do forex trading…

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