Manual system to trade

Hello everyone, I hope to get your comments and attention.
I apply my manual system to trade.

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Buy audcad ,

Can you tell us more about the system you’re using?

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Tracking 8 major currencies and looking at synchronized directions;
I will share my indicators from time to time.

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CAD’s down space is basically complete
The next period of time is AUD downward trend

First SELL [email protected]

any entry-levels and/or stop-losses and/or targets, with these trades?

please don’t take me the wrong way: i’m not “complaining” (it’s your Journal and of course you can compile it however you wish within forum rules, obviously), and i mention this only because you’ve specifically asked for comments and attention, but i think it may be difficult for people here to form/maintain much interest when we can’t see, without specific entries, stop-losses and targets, whether your trades are actually winning or losing - maybe you can see more or less what i mean?

but good luck with it, anyway!

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Thanks for the discussion.
I use a strategy of opening low volume positions and following the main trend in a particular currency. This is a strategy that I have found to be effective over the years.
Finding the main market trend is the key.
I originally put a stop loss as well, but the stop is very easily touched by volatility. There is little point in setting a large stop loss.
In the previous few days, I judged the trend to be selling CAD, and the trend direction was successful, of which only the target level of AUDCAD was not reached, but there was no loss (look at the intermediate process of AUDCAD, it is easy to understand the reason for not setting a stop loss - repeated fluctuations, and finally went higher).
The general target level is an obvious point in the previous period, who using support and resistance levels are easier to see.

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How do you track this? Are you using a specialized tool to be able to see currency trends? Or is this something you’re able to get from looking at multiple charts?

yes, I use my tool to see the trends : Trends, Execution, Temporal Relationships, Set of Indicators.

Retain this open position

buy gbpjpy too early…

Ah I’ve never heard of temporal relationships!

My English is bad, maybe should be – The relationship between time and space

Stop Loss Everything Open Position

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This goal has been achieved
Waiting for short NZDUSD opportunity