Manual system to trade

Today GBPJPY will have a downward wave without resistance because both currencies are well synchronized.
NZDJPY can close the position if there is a small profit, which is not a good choice;

JPY is falling down, bad choice

waiting for buying GBPUSD @ 1.2625 around; target @ 1.275 around

TP @ 1.2666

Buy AUDUSD now, around @0.653


USD is rising, choose the time to sell EURUSD.

AUDUSD TARGET @ 0.659 around.

Today Buying USDCHF is a good plan!
now [email protected]

CANCELLED this target

Also sell NZDUSD for a target of 0.6065

My adjusted strategy for tracking the market;
Long AUDUSD for the next few days.
Target @0.6688 around.