Manual system to trade

sell [email protected]

close [email protected]

Expected to close [email protected]

BUY [email protected] , Target is near 141

Oh. Yeah that makes sense! What do you call that in your own language?

Now CAD is rising stronger than USD, buy [email protected], target 107.5
USDJPY- hold


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Initial assessment: JPY is expected to have a good rally starting next week.

Target basically reached, waiting to close the position

BUY [email protected],target @0.6666

This is a bad stategy , [email protected]

sell [email protected] [email protected]

sell [email protected] [email protected]

Another strategy: sell [email protected], target @1.7513

One note on my strategy: there may be adjustments in the middle of a position strategy, but they are usually small and can be countered with a low position size.

3----BUY [email protected] TARGET @0.6404

CLOSE 2---- [email protected] :grinning: +115

4----sell [email protected] targer @134

5----sell [email protected] [email protected]