Marius Alexe

Last Price: 82.24
Posted On: May 27th 2007 19:04:00 EST | 00:04:00 GMT

65% Probable: Sideways-choppy-higher; LOUDLY CRITICAL 81.66-76 & 82.01-20

BOTTOM LINE :::Despite this approach of 81.66-76, my main short-term count remains that AUD$ is due for a wave .d rally inside a larger consolidation.

You should know that this approach of the 81.66-76 changes nothing in AUD$?s short-term pattern. Ideally, prices will still rebound above 82.01-20 and head higher for a challenge of the 82.50-72 key resistance, en route the larger 82.90 / 83.20 objectives. But if they don?t, it is only a firm push under 81.66-71 (adjusted) critical support that will shift focus lower for a test of the 81.22 / 80.62 / 80.39 supports.