Marius Alexe

[B]Last Price: 81.93
Posted On: Jun 3rd 2007 14:21:00 EST | 19:21:00 GMT

65% Probable: Already higher in wave v; CRITICAL 82.25 / 81.62-98 [/B]
BOTTOM LINE :::Ausie has apparently begun a 5th wave up.

Strong buying was uncovered near the 81.60 cents area and AUD$ has charged straight higher above 83 cents. The short-term rally pattern appears incomplete, so barring a consolidation above 82.65-86 AUD$ will test 83.38-53, possibly 83.95 before short-term weakness will resurface in this market. Overall, the rule of the game in the 377 min time frame is that unless 82.25 / 81.98 / 81.62 key and critical short-term supports are violated, wave v up will venture towards 84.28-48 / 84.81, possibly 85.14 / 85.91-86.08 in the weeks ahead. Selling under 81.62-98 / 82.25 is required to confirm that a flat .b has been consumed inside a wave iv pullback / trading range and that prices were temporarily looking down to establish support at 80.62-81.24.

There is no change in plans in the daily time frame,