Market 24h Clock iphone / ipad / android app (free)

The Market 24h Clock has now become available on App Store and Google Play!
Market 24h Clock Team’s apps: the market clock android forex app | the market clock iphone forex app | the market clock ipad forex app

The Market 24h clock: main features

  • The Market 24h Clock’s dial shows you market hours: hours of main trading sessions of 15 major stock exchanges.
  • The dial is 24 hour dial. That means, that you are able to watch the whole trading day (and the whole market) at once.
  • The Market 24h Clock’s time is UTC.

more description here: Main features of the Market 24h Clock | How does it help you

With the Market 24h Clock you can:

  • watch current open / closed status of stock exchanges
  • understand specific market movement at any given moment of time
  • plan your strategy of entering and leaving the trade
  • form your own trading tactics
  • organize your trading time better and more effectively

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