Market Close

What the heck is this?! 15 minutes before Alpari closes for the weeked their feed shows a HUGE drop? I compared with other feeds and all have closing prices 30-40 pips higher. Alpari UK servers are on Eastern European time. It’s FRIDAY night UK (23:45PM).

Can someone explain this please?

And the Monday morn/Sunday night following that huge drop looks like this… huge candle disappeared, not even a large-ish wick from Friday night. Alpari are playing fast and loose, I think:

Hi DonaldQ,

As discussed, the wide spread in the last second of trading was simply a bad price from a single provider (although probably a fair reflection of their interest in trading in the last second of trading). On the basis that it wasn’t really representative of the market state at that time, we have amended the chart.


Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative