Market Club - Tell me Im wrong

I read a review of MarketClub and after reading some reviews decided to give it a try.

A few things set off some alarm bells,
They reviewed themselves and got caught on Forex Peace Army and also they are running a special offer of 30 days access for £1 but you only had 45 min left to join, of course if you refresh the page you start back with 45 min,

If they really had this software to make you rich then would they have done both these things??

So anyway joined up for 30 days, Site is user friendly and only takes minutes to learn to use, Does go very slow and crashes from time to time.

So used the triangles… I really am not impressed.

Firstly I tried the monthly trend daily entry order, Far to many daily alerts that at times when they are right to enter the trade you are taking out far to early

And also so many times you enter it moves up slightly and market turns against you.

I then tried weekly trend with daily entries same problems

It seems to get in very late to trends and gets you out far to late as well.

I tried looking at some stocks thinking it may be a forex problem, Out the ones I checked same problems.

What saves them from margin call Armageddon is the market trends from time to time but results from strong trends aren’t that great either,

I personally think you would get similar results using a mtf stochastic strategy.

Can anyone with any experience tell me if they have found anything different?

Hey there,

If I was you I would myself a couple of questions first.

  • If it’s good and it works, why would anyone try to sell these?

  • Is it too good to be true?

If any of these are true, you are better off building your own system. BabyPips actually offer an educational course that teaches you how to build one, it teaches you what to look for and how you can tweak the system.

Good luck!

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A pound isn’t too much to pay to find out what they do, but did you find out how they do it? If yes, let the membership run out and build on what you’ve got from them. If no, same answer I suppose.

On the bigger time frames its basically the HH LL strategy I was talking about in my other post you commented on.
Not sure about the daily signals but guessing they are oscillator based. For someone with 30+ trading years behind him I would expect something a little more complicated lol.
You are correct anything more than a £1 I wouldn’t of bothered.
I think they make their money off people forgetting to cancel before the 30 days.

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I agree. I always expect over the counter strategies to be complicated so you at least feel like you’ve bought something that has some science and research behind it. All just a perception of course, but still, its hard to see why they’re not making a bit of an effort to differentiate themselves in the market-place.

Anyway MissPIPa, can I suggest you don’t need their help now anyway?

Their help lol I certainly don’t need their expertise to lose pips I do well enough losing myself lol