Market maker method,anyone familiar

so i just wanted to get some advice on my analysis , AND NO BEFORE ANYONE CRITICIZES ME I DO NOT USE THE 5 MIN CHARTS, this was for analysis only, but it seems on monday and tuesday institutional traders created a high and started decreasing price inciting retail traders to go short to create liquidity for their long positions and once they trapped enough short traders they reversed price to make a profit and we created some new levels i believe were reaching a completion of level 3 and could expect a mid week reversal pretty soon, either this week, or starting this week going on into next trading week, and i have to say the market maker method is a game changer, those M’s and W’s are really money makers. I usually wait till after the Asian session to look for setups, and the usual setups happen from around 3:00 am to 9:00 am EST which involves a stop hunt and the real trend move followed by a reversal starting in the new york session. so if anyone would like to add anymore to my analysis of EUR/USD please feel free and if any more experienced veterans would like to give any advice it would be greatly appreciated