Market Overlaps and the 24/5 Forex Trading Schedule

I was recently searching the internet for overlap times of the major markets in order to find when the best and most heavy volumed times for trading were. I found an interesting article I hope will help others when asking the question: when should I trade?

Mind you, the visual chart is displayed with times in EST, thus you may need to convert the times for where you currently are.

Enjoy, please see the link below!

Forex Trading Hours - Worldwide Forex Trading Times

It does look interesting. Thanks for sharing soul :slight_smile:

very interesting. i had no idea singapore have a market too:D

Definately glad I found that article. I don’t get much time to trade but it helped me isolate the best times for me and narrow down the pairs I’ll be looking at.

For those EST-timezone traders this is what I do now:

Tokyo and London Overlap (02:00 - 04:00) trade the EURJPY
London and US Overlap (07:00 - 11:00) trade the EURUSD

Maybe one day those will be my working hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I scalp, the low spreads with Oanda are great for these pairs hence the choice, alongside the fact they move well during these times.

You forgot, with your new hours of work, you dont have to trade those days that there are holidays :slight_smile: I do the same thing trading harmonic patterns.

Frankly speaking, there is no surprise… HK and Singapore is very active in index market… I read somewhere that beside Feb and world bank… the big 4 players are USA, UK, Japan and Singapore followed by Swiss, Hong Kong, then come Germany…


[B]Singapore has one of the busiest ports in the world and is [B]the world’s fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre[/B] after London, New York City and Tokyo[/B].

The Economic Development Board is a statutory board of the Government of Singapore. It has been tasked to plan and execute strategies to sustain Singapore as a leading global hub for business and investment.