Market strength Review

i can’t help but say that am in dire need of a site that gives round economic strength of all fiat and commodities, thus making it easier for TA to work in line in relation to the events of within the pairs

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For currencies, google for “Volatility Watcher” and “OBOS Watcher”.

Even I will try them both and try to make the most of them. Thank you bud!

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The market is never the same. What you see at this second will not be what you see the second moment. And that’s what we need to learn to make use of. If you are not putting enough effort in the market, the market won’t ever favor you.

To determine whether it is an uptrend or a downtrend, you have to check the price and the lows and highs it has been making. If it is making higher highs and higher lows, it is an uptrend and when it makes lower highs and lower lows, it is a downtrend.

thanks man