Marketiva VS Northfinance - Which one is trustworthy?

Marketiva VS Northfinance - Which one is trustworthy ??

Plz tell me…I am new in Forex


i havent tried north finance but marketiva is very good. it provides 5$ real account for free.

Marketiva less then 2 years on market and uses Novativa platform.
NorthFinance more then 7 years on market and uses MetaTrader platform.

Marketiva is sure trustworthy :slight_smile: I’ve been trading with them for more than one year and am satisfied with marketiva service :slight_smile:

My deposit is processed instantly…
my withdrawal always processed… :slight_smile:

Great company :slight_smile:

I have traded on marketiva more than one year, I have to say "I love this broker:D " , I tried Northfinance some time also, but finally I selected Marketiva because they provide better service… hehe

Like they have online support 24 hours and answer question very fast; We can trade any quantity even only trade with $0.01 ; Deposited by e-gold is instant ; Streamster is gorgeous and easy to use… aha… almost forget to tell you that they will give you free $5 when you open account …You should try Marketiva first no matter which one you will choice finally

i am agree with you and there is a good news too. marketiva provide new services that is investment funds. now we have more choices trading in marketiva.
i have invest in funds and get 276 points profit in brasillion investment funds.
great right? is there anyone else get profit in marketiva’s investment funds?

If you happen to live in the US you cannot open an account with Marketiva, also not with SimpleForex/EasyForex micro account brokers. I’m not sure why. I hadn’t applied for an account with NorthFinance yet, but I believe they probably do allow US account holders. You could also look at PFGFXLITE or Oanda for a micro account if that is what you are interested in opening.

Thank you, I am sure they would be responsive. Still, when I tried to register it simply said they were sorry but they were either not allowed to open US accounts or were not accepting them at this time … but try back later to see if there is a change of status on this issue. The SimpleForex site simply didn’t have a United States option in the pull down for country when you register. Perhaps there is something particular in terms of regulation in the US which they don’t meet yet. I may check and see as I was disappointed I couldn’t try their service.

I tried both brokers, but i prefer trading with Marketiva. Free $5, support in various languages inside the plataform, chat channels, no swap, slippage policy, fast withdrawal.
And now they added Funds which is also a very good thing to diversify my investment.

I tried both also, but I love marketiva much better. Nf always disconnect me when news release …:mad: But I can trade any time on Marketiva even news release, hoho… And there are numerous clinets on Marketiva, you can read following messag I quote from marketiva website , you can check Marketiva to geit it also…

What is Marketiva?

With more than 210,000 serviced users, 120,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 2.4 million live orders executed each month, Marketiva is one of the most popular over-the-counter market makers in the world.

[B]“Marketiva VS Northfinance - Which one is trustworthy ??”[/B]

Hi, new low IQ wannabe here.

What do you seasoned traders mean by [B]“trustworthy”[/B] ?

Want my advice? stay away from Northfinance. Its a shady russian-owned company not regulated by any professional organization.