MarketMilk dark/light blue bars

Hey everyone!

Just browsing Marketmilk and I’m wondering if anyone knows why all the bars are blue except a couple. The ones in question are light and dark blue. Why?

Maybe I’m missing something.

Either way, everyday I’m learning something new and today it’s Marketmilk and their dark/light blue bars.


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Looks like I’m not the only one. Does a moderator know?

Hi @HonestDon! So sorry it took 3 days for me to get back to you! The striped/zebra bar represents the current time or day. So in your first screenshot, you were looking at that data at 9:00 PM and for the second one, it was a Monday when you looked at that data. :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

Thanks for that. I knew it had to be something simple. So much to learn in Forex. What would I do without the babypips team?!

Thanks again.

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You’re awesome @HonestDon! :heart: