Marketmilk exploration

Hey am donald and am new here, i wanna kwn if ya"all have realized how sauced and sophiscated marketmilk is, you can use that site to become a profitable trader, its so imformative, i want to use this medium to thank the genius team for the great work, thanks alot.

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Which marketmilk tool do you use the most? I like the buy or sell tool :slight_smile:

I use trend matrix and trend momentum, its superb, you should try it out.

Ooh how do you use them?

I literally use momentum on 4hr interval on babypips to determine overall movement for the day by picking the strongest against the weakest momentum and after which i proceed to my mt5 to take my entry and also plan my exit on 15 min chart wit the aid of stochastic and RSI, i also check support and resistance to knw if its still safe to get in the trade,i check it on tradingview bcos thats where i have it drawn , using momentum simplifies the process of trading, using momentum to trade increases your overall profits as a trader from my experience.


@this_is_ando Here’s a thread you might find useful!

Yeah same here. TV and MM are the two websites I usually have up :slight_smile:

Cool strategy. How long are you in trades normally? Couple of hours or longer?