MarketMilk On the phone

Hello, Is the marketMilk platform launched on the mobile phone or not yet waiting and thank you BabyPips team?

Hello @Yassine11! We’re currently working to make MarketMilk available on mobile devices. Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, please enjoy using MarketMilk on desktop.

Thank you!

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Thanks, does it have a specific date?

Hi @Yassine11!

We hope’s MarketMilk has been helpful in your trading journey! We don’t have a specific date for the launch of the MarketMilk on mobile yet, but we’ll keep the community posted!

See you around!

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Thank you،Insha’Allah

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Of course, if you can use it from your smartphone, it will be much more convenient, because it will allow you to use it at any time, under any circumstances, and it gives you a certain freedom of action. So yeah, we wait, it’s gonna be really cool!!!


Exactly we hope, God willing, and thank you BabyPips team

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Thanks for the support and understanding @Yassine11 and @Tygralanim! We appreciate it.

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