Marking Up Charts

Hi All, I’ve recently completed The School of Pipsology and have an IG (UK) demo account. Is there a solution (e.g. Trading View etc) that you would recommend to mark charts seperately to the trading account? It would be useful to be able to do so seperate to the IG account, which I can simply use to place the trades.

There’s nothing to stop you opening multiple demo accounts with different brokers. The prices and spreads will differ fractionally but probably not enough to make a difference to your analysis of what the charts show.

Whether you can run two separate demo accounts with IG is a question you could put to them.

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I guess I was trying to see if there is a really good solution out there for drawing on charts and keeping that info to hand, but seperate to the IG trading account?

TV is what I use. And you can easily take screenshots to keep track of your marked charts. And publish to the community.

Plenty of options on what you can do with the image.

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