May I have Your Time and Talk About this Youtube Channel?

So I just found this utube channel not so long ago, called No Nonsense Forex. One of the video that I am interested in is YouTube. The video was reasonable for me, but it seems there are a lot of other traders which didn’t agree with him for some reason. So I’m kinda confused here, is he is right or wrong? And what about the other videos that he made?

That video you link to has some merit - There are lots of others saying the same thing - but they are generally “Support Resistance traders” and indee Wyckoff - published much the same stuff and how to trade it. - way back in the very early 1900’s

Odd that this guy puts this one up tho’ since later in other vids he reveals himself to be a trend trader !

I don’t know - when you have traded for a while you will naturally feel whether you are a trend trader or a Contrarian (as I am) - Perhaps that will be the time to revisit this guy - IF you are a “trend trader” - Although we have our own “Trend Trader” here in @tommor, whose system - Adds to his position by pyramidding IN - rather than taking half his position OFF after 80 pips !

Personally I belive this guy is a long -term “educator” -in the sense that he spends a lot of time saying “what you know doesn’t work” - BUT he doesn’t give any real indication of what he believes DOES work. I think he is simply building a “Feeding Frenzy” and soner or later will introduce a “Paid circle” - to get “some knowledge” - and then a “whale pool” at a premium cost to get “The real secrets” !

Otherwise he is just building a “you-tube - influencer” income !

The best bit of advice he gives is "Do something different - NOT the same as everyone else ! "

But no I think you be better off lookig elsewhere !

If all traders agreed with all traders, all the traders would be making a lot of money.

There are tons of traders all with their own beliefs and strategies, and all could work to some extent.

I don’t have a clue what the guy in the video was on about tho - just looks like another educator, post some proof of whatever he is saying, working - then we can talk.

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I’ll have an ounce of what he’s been smokin’ :smile:

Which honestly, might be more lucrative if you’re not that good of a trader but charismatic / can speak well.

Agree, I was with him until the moment when he reveals himself to be a trend trader. Which is contradict with what he says about how dangerous riding a trend is in Forex market.

The video gives a couple of useful cautionary messages - don’t trust indicators, don’t trade news events.

But the underlying tenet that the big banks are manipulating price to gain profits and liquidity from private retail traders is nonsense. Even as a combined group we are too small. Yes, if you join a trend at the all-time high or if you put your stop-loss where its likely to get hit by a fast move, you’re probably going to lose money. But constructing a strategy and money management rules specifically with the aim of not being “cheated” out of money by the likes of Deutsche Bank might lead to inappropriate tactics.

Most importantly, it is likely to lead to a mind-set that says the only way to make a profit is to do the opposite of where price is going: but that’s a little like driving north in the south-bound lane of a motorway - you’ll only be a hero if you live long enough to tell your mates about it.

So… that’s why this is a beginners forum… any ideas outside the square should be shot to pieces…

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

– Mark Twain

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The majority of private retail traders lose money. So its as well to be sceptical about doing what they do. Its not necessarily a winning trade to go long when they’re short, but its as well to double-check what the heck they think they’re doing.

But one thing private retail traders do not do is move prices.

thank you for the explanation
and I agree with you
the big banks manipulate prices to get profits and liquidity from private traders is absurd end point
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