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Hello there,
I have a question that may seem a little funny, but I’m genuinely curious: is there any difference between Forex and cryptocurrencies? I’ve lost a lot of money in the crypto market and I don’t want to deal with the stress of trading anymore.

Could you please tell me if Forex is a more stable market for investing, or if it’s just as risky as the crypto market?

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you lose money in crypto you lose it trading Forex too, without a winning strategy and mindset.(self discipline and patience ect)

Maybe people get involved with crypto because it has
some mistque about it , exciting, fashionable no cieling regarding profits,boring old Forex can just be as devastating (especially with leverage) with no plan .


Perhaps you should consider a demo account. In case you’re not familiar, a demo account is trading the real market with FAKE money. You can trade, make mistakes, revenge trade, bet the farm, etc; and there are NO consequences because it’s imaginary money. It’s a great account for practicing and studying. Most brokers offer them.

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Can you explain it a little more?
I mean can you introduce some books or even websites for trading strategies?

Thank You sir!
But are they free to use? I mean should I pay an amount of money in order to use them or they are totally free?
And are everything similar to real trading platforms in these demo accounts?

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Anyone can win money trading, though not consistently over a period of time and most end up blowing their account.It can time consuming and expensive.You need to start gaining more knowledge as it easier than yesteryear with access to the web ect.As the above post says open a demo.

Effort usually leads to improvement in life even regarding trading

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100% the same. Unless, some platforms save some indicators for live accounts; but I doubt that.

Actually, Crypto’s last year price hike drew a scratch in the minds of traders and that’s why they are trying to avail of the chance.

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Good to see that they are so enterprising

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As a friend, I want to give you a hot tip… and this is only for my close friends… I don’t give this tip to just anyone… there is a not so well known company that provides trading services for the handicapped and the mentally challenged and they are fully insured by lloyds of London to protect you from any unexpected losses… are you following me so far? When I saw you show up in the forum I had an idea that you were a sophisticated investor that isn’t going to tolerate this nonsense of taking losses, am I reading you correctly?

Just tell Bernie Madoff that I sent you. /s

Thank you, sir!
It was really helpful!

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