Maybe a good indicator advise

Hi! Is anybody interested helping me with an indicator based on adx ??

Basically the indicator is an ADX with period 10 and 1 minute timeframe. It provides signals when the adx base line crosses 35 level but in the same time DMI line is above 20, above the counter DMI line, and in the moment of crossing past 35 the adx base line is also under the dmi line. For put orders we consider the DMI- be above 20 and above adx base line … and for call orders of course the DMI+ be above 20 and above adx base line as I said in the rules…

The problems is due to adx lagging nature the signals are generated like 3 candles later than they should be!! Any idea or advise is wellcomed… maybe I should tune somehow the adx or I should use some other indicator!!!

So nobody is interested or nobody has knowledge about this kind of stuff here??

Many people here have extensive knowledge of binaries.

Some have even worked in the industry.

If you peruse the forum, you’ll find a large number of threads explaining in detail why it’s so extremely inadivsable to try to trade by using binary options.

Governments worldwide are increasingly legislating against them.

Binaries are the worst, scammiest, aspect of the increased availability of trading.

As a “trading method”, it’s so stacked against the inexperienced retail trader (and those are the only ones who’s look at it) that it’s virtually impossible to be successful that way.

Binary options make lottery tickets look like a good investment.

If you could find a way to trade binaries profitably, over the long term (which nobody ever does), it would be more profitable to use it to trade in a way other than binaries, anyway.

Seriously, read some of the warning threads about binaries, here, and think again.


in order to my experience about this community , you will not find knowledgeable people who highly interested about your topic.

mostly i have found dead against about this trading place, but you looking for a binary indicator. i took his message as a joke

Why? Why not as a serious, specific question?

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I think he meant it genuinely, Tom, which was why I pointed out all the stuff above. (His other recent posts contributed to that impression, too.)

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They did’t let me post something… they said the post must be first checked… it will show someday???

in Forums community there are so many negative reviews about binary , and that’s why its difficult to get quick answer about any binary topic.

Why binary has negative comments?

This is why

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I dont see any problem…

…and that’s fine, it’s your money to spend as you wish.


The indicator is about the indicator not binary options… I have changed the title to be more clear! And edited first post … to expose the indicator ok??

Nobody is not even interested about this topic?? :confused:

OK mate - 4 days here and heavily into "binary options " ?

Dunno mush - My sincere advice is for any persons reading this to give BO’s as big a space as possible - - well basically

BO - Stinks !

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The thread is not about bo

So what is it about than if not about Bo?

Come on Mr Avasilcai, don’t be shy

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