Maybe you see this every day, Hello

Hi there, I am a 15 year old form Bulgaria. I really want help to trade, because I think I will be in big need for money when I go to university. I want to start investing and earning money some day, is because I want to go to university, as you may guess it is going to be expensive, so I need money, some may say “Why don’t you ask your parents about some money?” and the answer is that i don’t want to make them pay+ we aren’t the most financially stable+ the inflation. Another reason which comes with the university is that my family and I eat very healthy and as you can guess, this is not quite cheap. As a 15 year old the financial need I am going to be in to, if I don’t do something about it, hit me like a train. As you can imagine form wanting to play games all day all night, from wanting to earn money lowered my mood by a ton.
Let me get a couple sentences for myself, as you know from above I am 15, male, I love going to the gym, I love to cook and I study in a professional high school for architecture, building and geology. Back to the topic.
My ultimate goal is to be financially stable and live a happy life, my goals are in the bodybuilding and in school in the special classes.
I would love someone to guide me through trading and investing.
Thank you for your time


Hi - Great intro, welcome to babypips. A good starting point would be the babypips course ‘Learn Forex’ you will see it in the banner at the top of home page.
Its quite a long road that takes lots of patience. Perhaps open a demo account, because practice, practice, practice will get your eyes trained to the markets.
The big thing in this game is psychology and I would recommend ‘Trading in the Zone’ - Mark Douglas. It’s the bible of trading psychology.
Good luck


I would also highly recommend new books, The Zen Trader by Peter Castle, and Best Loser Wins by Tom Hougaard.

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Love seeing teenagers here! Would like to learn more about young people: what are your top 3 most used apps on your phone? :slight_smile:

Hi sorry for the late response, the 3 most used are VLC player for my music, instagram(i know it shouldnt be there at all) and it is either Sudoku or Clash of clans(a game)

Love that you have Sudoku in there! Also love that you don’t have Snapchat or Tiktok!

How’s your trading education going lately? :slight_smile: