MD still viable?

Hi Guys and Gals,

I was just wondering if Mega Droid is still a viable EA? I’m also trying to decide where to use it. I’m considering gomarkets, fxopen or alpari uk. I live in the US but, didn’t they crack down on us using EA’s here? So I was looking at non-US brokers.

Hi Grim,
Welcome to This is a great place to hang out with fellow traders.

As far as megadroid goes, its funny because I was thinking about this today. megadroid still has a nice equity curve over the long term. A lot of people will say no md sucks but for me I was afraid md had basically flat lined. But then I saw that equity curve earlier today and it makes me wonder.

I think I am going to throw md back on my account with low risk and just watch how it goes. md was a favorite for a long time for me.


Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll pick it up. I’m going to go with Go Markets too.