Measured Moves (MM)

Hey guys… :wink:…have any of you guys delved into (MM) measured move trading.If you have then I would please like to know your thoughts on this style of trading,and if wether you have implemented it.Thanks guys.

Measured move is nothing more than a concept of if a new trend starts then a trader can expect that after the first pullback of that trend there SHOULD be a second move up or down that is equal to that fist leg of the trend. Hence a measured move.

It’s nothing more than a concept you can use to set take profits

Hope that helps.



Thanks for the reply Blackduck…much appreciated… :+1:

Come on, it’s normal, I would even say a familiar format that may or may not fit.
It’s about checking and trying to figure out how well it helps you achieve your goals.
Does it help? Awesome! Then use this.

Thanks for the reply Lalbine… :slightly_smiling_face: