[meetpips.com]social media for forex trader

HI …

are you have a meetpips.com account ?

if yes … please posting in this thread … and I will put on the first page …

so each other of us can follow each other .

start from me first…

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let’s happy posting on social media

Is meetpips connected to babypips? Do you automaticlaly become a member of meetpips if you are a member of babypips? Please explain.

It is good that meetpips.com is a social media site for forex traders. I also want to know that it is part of babypips or not.

Wow. After 10 years, I just heard about meetpips.com. I checked the website and I found out that it is closed. :sob:, Wish I was early to know how was it like. @Haley12 , if you are still at babypips, based on the information I found, it was actually part of babypips.com,