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Hello everyone,
Do you know anybody who is willing to teach me for free? I know that there are a lot of mentors in FX but I don’t have money for that and I don’t know will I learn something from them so it is a bit risky. I am learning institutional or smart money style, so if you know anybody please tell me.

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Hi, check this topic Read this post before asking for a mentor Regards Greg

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I could write my opinion about that what he said but it won’t help anyone, same as that whole topic.

There are a lot of people on YouTube where you can watch videos for free. There are a lot of mentors online, a lot of them will scam you. I mean both teach you BS or charge you for information that is already free. If you want to learn institutional smart money, you need to find an institutional trader to teach you or someone who is teaching. It wont be free.

The closest retail strategy to institutional is supply and demand. Check it out.

I knwo that there are free videos on yt, I have some questions and need someone to answer me, youtube can’t help in that situations. People from youtube are doing that as marketing and they won’t teach anything for free and they usually share basics. That is why I ask here.

Btw. I am not begginer I just need someone to explain me something that I don’t understand from videos.

Just learn it all here…

You can’t learn it on Babypips eduation because it is basic for people who don’t know anything about trading and it is retail trading with fibs, support,resistance, trend lines etc.

Lol. You’re coming in all guns blazing. Anyway, why dont you ask your questions and we’ll see if any retail traders can answer. Maybe we’ll surprise ourselves.

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. That is the truth, babypips is basic I mean how would you call something where you learn about that what is forex? I don’t say anything bad site like this is absolutely needed because you must start from beggining, I just said the fact that this is basic and if you need more information you must find them somewhere else. I will ask questions later.

To be clear, I don’t think any forum member is trying to put you off, but your initial approach seems to me to indicate that you think the world may stop what it is doing so that you do not have to think for yourself. This may seem pretty harsh but it is a fact of life. I often mentor young adults (say, 13 through 25) mainly on request of their parents or grandparents because I have sometimes created value for them by crossing two generations. I don’t know if it is something they put in the water these days, but the whole point of education is to teach somebody how to seek knowledge independently without having to be spoon fed facts from a state or (worse still) to be able to differentiate between facts and “fake news” on social media today. Last night we had a visitor, a young graduate who works in social care but who aspires to be a mortgage broker. She had taken it upon herself to pay for an online CeMAP course - required by UK mortgage brokers, but was losing herself in online presentation material (death by Powerpoint for those who know what I mean) and was nervous about how she would ever pass the exams.

After a 10 minute discussion, I discovered:
She did not have any other colleagues studying same or similar coursework
She had not reached out to find social sites where she may initiate such connections (eg like Babypips forum or Discord servers)
Her close and extended family had nobody who had a clue about finance, mortgages or anything else to do with her subject matter.

I spent 15 minutes online with her asking questions like - what are the high level topics you have to study? I found ten links to sites relevant to the subject matter (eg Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert had an entire blog from people studying for their CeMAP exams), and I hope she left less nervous than when she arrived.
The point I am trying to make here (for you and thousands of others who I hope read this before they ask for help without being specific) is that you need to do some original thinking to ask why nobody will help you when it seems that others can get ahead very easily.

Hint - it is in the way you approach other people. One US President once said, famously: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”

Please receive this in the spirit it is intended, have a deep thinking session, and come back with questions specific enough to be answered. If you cannot express the question, you will never get to know the answer. And there is no such thing as a stupid question. Best of luck with a change of approach.


For someone whose looking for a “FREE” mentor you have quite an attitude :upside_down_face: Looks like you’re not willing to learn from all the free sources available all around the internet and “demand” someone teach you for free spending their time one on one.

Most of the times when you have a question all you have to do is google it and you’ll get not one but multiple answers… You can post your questions multiple forums and members will reply. So you can look at all the answers and from all of them you might come to a solution.

Good Luck!

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Before posting a comment it will be nice to read what I wrote because you aren’t first person who don’t read and just write what you want to write.

Edit: Oh yes, I am such arrogant because I asked something :joy:

I don’t know why is that hard to read my first post where I wrote what I need, but you are third person who wrote the same thing which I already explained.

I would like to know how did you come up with this first sentence that you wrote, it would be really nice to hear why do you think that and which part of my question induced you to that conclusion.

Most of your answer isn’t related with my question, I don’t know what are CeMAP exams, I don’t know how to become mortgage broker in UK and all that stuff that you wrote. If she succeeded that is nice but it doesn’ help me. If I could do something for my country I would do, but that is one more sentence which can’t help and which is out of this topic.

Where is that “here”, on babypips education?

Hi! I hear you, but I wouldn’t recommend a free mentor. There are very few free mentors, who are very committed to your lessons. Yet, if you pay for your lessons, you would get valuable information, and may have access to a qualified mentor as much as possible. Forex education is like any other. Pay for it just like you would if you tried pursuing a degree in Engineering. Don’t cut unnecessary corners!

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Hi, where can I find free mentors?

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There are a lot of questions on chart that are hard to explain like this but I would ask some general questions.

  1. How to make difference between normal price action and OB?
  2. How to refine entries for better RR, when I have large sl?

Generally speaking I have problem when I go to chart I don;t know where to start and what should I watch. I am now looking mostly on OB and imbalance but I know that there are many other ways of finding an entry. How do you find entries, what should I look for and which other stuff can I use (for example Wyckoff).

I thought you wanted to trade institutional smart money? The questions you are asking are retail strategies that people have named institutional. Lol. I thought you were serious bro. You think goldman Sachs leaves a OB behind? Wouldnt Citibank just take all their liquidity? You’d be better off learning supply and demand. Anyway, atleast we’re clear about what you mean institutional.

  1. An OB is just another name for a supply zone. But in particular, its the last red candle before a move up or last green candle before a move down.

Price action is a term used to describe the movement of price alone on a chart. Trading price action is using that movement to trade without any indicators. An OB is just a tool you use in price action like an engulfing candle or inside bar pattern.

  1. To help you refine your entries we’d need to know your strategy and entry criteria. Maybe then we can help specifically.

But generally, you start with whatever SL you have then over the next 30 to 40 trades write down how far price goes against your SL. If its mostly only say 10 pips but you have a 20 pip SL then your statistics have told you that you can reduce your SL down. You let your trades guide you. Then just keep repeating it till you’re confident and off you go. Easy.

You mentioned wyckoff. You can find lessons on it for free on youtube. You can look for the channel Wyckoff trading Method where there are videos by Roman Bogomazov or there are load of others too and books. Work your way through for free.

If that is retail then what are trend lines, fibs, channels, indicators etc? If this isn’t institutional then what is? Ofcourse that I can’t do literally same things that institutions do, I don’t have that money.

Which book and which other people?

What do you mean which books and which people? For what?

Institutional trading is taught by people who trade or used to trade professionally for institutions. Look up anton kreil, Jarrett davis, Chris lori, smb capital etc etc. They will NOT teach for free. So if you want to learn proper institutional then start saving. If you want to learn this retail ‘institutional’ stuff then use google or YouTube.